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Product Detail : Auction sale of unserviceable store items - first aid box, pick-axe, cash box, warning flag, megha phone, navatal key 7 lever, folding structure fold, steel tubler table, iron box coal, iron box electric, bigual copper, fork mampti, aluminium bucket, ultani domestic, sambar spoon, tava iron, cupgir, s rice handle, chapati mani, steel almera, pull through weight card, mampti, pick-axe, first aid box, solar lantin, solar fan, a/c charger, warning flag, steel try, megha phone, kudugolu, megha phone gunjan, folding structure, fillment, kettle alunimium (tea) 10lit, kettle steel (tea/coffe) 10 lit, steel stove with burner-2, pedastal fan, teekwood office table 60x30, teekwood table clerk, teekwood chair with arms, steel alamera 7 1/2x36x19, steel table 30x54, plastic water drum 200 lit, steel kadai 8 kg 21 daya, tiffen carrier 4 box 4 1/2 kg, rice handle steel, parata aluminium, pressure coocker, aluminium vessel with lid 6 kg, aluminium vessel with lid 5 kg, aluminium vessel with lid 3 kg, indalium deksha vessel with lid 12kg, indalium deksha vessel with lid 5kg, aluminium deksha vessel with lid 1.835 kg, aluminium deksha vessel with lid 2.375 kg, pull through weight, pull through card signal, mcc cricket ball tennies, indalium deksha & lid 10 kg, aluminium bucket 15l, steel tava, steel double burner stove, tea cattle steel 10lit, steel tiffen carrier 4 box, aluminium rice cocker, steel try, dhobi wooden table, fillment box, mampti, pick-axe, kudugolu, talwar, solar lantin, plastic water drum 200 lit, structure folding, warning flag, megha phone, firing point register, cash box, bigil copper, bigil card, pull through card nylon, bynet training stick, chamber cleaning stick, aluminium idly coocker, steel bucket, steel revolving chair, target 4x4 thin sheet with steel stand, steel almera, tear gas gun leather, pull through weight, first aid box, aluminium vessel & lid 2kg, indaliuum cocker 20l, steel tava small, steel handle medium, 18 lbl iron box, mamputi, blazer cloth, measuring tape, pick-axe, talvar, kudugolu, red socks, rollup black board, solar lantin, solar pan, solar ac charger, plastic water drum 200 lit, dhobi wooden table, bigil card, bigil copper, pull through weight, pull through card singal, cricket bat, tennies ball, wicket, hair clip small, hair clip big, double burner stove, cash box, measurement with stone, steel try, steel almera, teekwood office table, steel stool (dhobi), teekwood almera with glass, panel with mug, gunjan megha phone, first aid box, folding structure, water drum 200 lt, teekwood chair, steel gas stove, climbing rope, zink bucket, steel cupgir, sambar spoon, steel ultani, steel kadai, chapati mani & ultani, steel jar medium, steel tava small, steel gas stove 2 burner, aluminium vessel & lid 3kg, aluminium vessel & lid 2kg, steel tava small, steel tava big, s type chair with handle, solar lanteen with charger, iron box, double burner stove, measuring tape 30 mtr., structure folding, aluminium bucket, shawl, sambar spoon, plastic water drum 200 ltr., aluminum wessel with lid 3 kg., kurupi, cash box, steel almera, aluminium utencils cooking capacity 30 kg, aluminium utencils cooking capacity 10 kg., aluminium utencils cooking cap. with lid 2 kg., aluminium bucket, aluminium rise tub, aluminium paratha 24", stainless steel rise handle, indalium wessel with lid, m.s domestic sambar spoon, stainless steel water jug, iron gas stove with 2 burner, water can 25 ltr., teek wood l shape table, steel stool with steel top, firing point register, butt register, prismatic compas, cash box, regulater quartz wall clock, black board with stand, dhobi table wooden, 16 lbs iron box, excutive push revalving chair, teapoy, s type chair without arms with seat & black, try foot stand, hammer, iron, rampi, punch hole, pumch, needle, nipper, pincher, pull through card, stainless steel bucket, fire extinguisher, teek wood cushion chair, green buzz cloth for officers table.
Tender Location : Karnataka - India
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Tender Closing Date : 3/12/2021 at 00:00 Hrs.
Tender Opening Date : 3/12/2021 at 00:00 Hrs.
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Sub-Industry/Industry : Other Metal Products - Iron and Steel   
Essential Product,Face,Mask,Sanitizers,Gloves etc.
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