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Sector Roads Tender Value N.A.
Location Bihar - India Ref.No 32928903
Closing Date 28 - Dec - 2019  |  341 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Wooden Chilman, Center Table, Big Almira (Store well), Single Bed, Mattress, Bathroom Corner Stand, Exhaust Fan, Plastic Chair, Modern Kitchen with Basine, Plastic Round Table, Fridge, Kent Pearl Mineral RO Water Purifier, Glass Stand with Stud, Roof Boundary with Polycarbonate Sheet, Barricading with Bamboo, Stablizer (Microtack), Bath Shower, Executive Chair, Visitor Chair, Parda of Cloth, Room Heater etc ~. #Hindi
Sector Other Metal Products Tender Value N.A.
Location Maharashtra - India Ref.No 32915348
Closing Date 07 - Dec - 2019  |  320 Days to go View Tender Details
Auction Sale of Misc Items Etc, Steel Rack with 7 Shevel, 2 - Steel Rack with 4 Shevel, 3 - Electronic Auto Press (no. 11038095, 1103898), 4 - Electronic Steam Press (.no. 824102609 ), 5 - Drawing Board, 6 - Drawing Board with Stand, 7 - Drafftmans Stool with Back Stapper, 8 - Computer, 9 - All Surveing Items, 10 - Usha Table Fan ( 2338257g116832, 2338256l150433, 2338257g117368), 11 - Voltas Air Conditioners, 12 - Bajaj Wall Mounting Fan, 13 - Mini Draflers, 14 - Drawing Instrument, 15 - Tape Holder, 16 - Drawing Board ~ .
Sector Telecommunication Services / Equipments Tender Value Rs. 1.83 Lakh approx.
Location Karnataka - India Ref.No 31618995
Closing Date 26 - Sep - 2019  |  248 Days to go View Tender Details
Providing Maintenance of Transformer Substation, Repairs to Pumpset, Shifting of Pump Set, Extending Delivery Lines, Inverter Wiring, Rectification of Light Fittings, Fans & Electrical Works in Te Bldg at Nift Hsr, Ngv, Koramangala, Poorvankara, Rbi Layout Under Esd-Iii, Bengaluru
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Jharkhand - India Ref.No 33111499
Closing Date 28 - Jun - 2019  |  158 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Transformer Cab Fan (220/110v) ~ to Clw's Alt -a for Wam4 & Wag5 Locos.
Sector Printing Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttar Pradesh - India Ref.No 29370172
Closing Date 31 - Mar - 2019  |  69 Days to go View Tender Details
empanelment of vendors , computers, computer peripherals and xerox machines. e.g. lipi data printer, xerox , machines, hcl computers, printers, etc. , all electrical & electronics items., forklift trucks & stackers., machinery & mechanical items., air conditioners & water coolers, dg sets, 500 kva & 125 kva, ventilation plant, cctv, siemen – ac, dc drivers, plc’s pcb’s, machine cleaning material, hosiery cleaning cloth., cotton waste cleaning cloth., knife for scan coin, poly yarn thread., cotton waste fine, corn cob, cimperial c-60, charcoal , graphite crucible, material handling equipments., acrylic sheet, rubber bands., corrugated boxes., hdpe woven sacks., bopp tape/ cello tape, cotton tape, cotton yarn, plastic string with metal clip., shrink wrapping film , wooden packing boxes, polythene bags, pp bags, ldpe film etc., medal cases, stands, acrylic cases, acrylic, stands, blister pack, ribbon for medal and other, packing material, jute bags / gunny bag, jute long, jute rope 2 ply, ¼” dia, stickers, labels, printed materials, ply wood, sal wood etc. a4 size xerox machine paper. , continuous computer stationary paper with, perforation on both sides., fax rolls., registers & writing pads., pens/ pencils etc., box files / office files., muster roll., office related stationery., box files, office files etc. diaries & calendars, others., lighting, switches, fan equipment, air, conditioners etc., heating elements, motors dc/ac., solenoid valves., optical sensors, printed circuit boards and electrical modules., transformers., cable (metallic and fiber optic), soldering equipment, power backup systems, ac & refrigeration, dg & compressor, electrical appliances, coffee & tea premix & vending machines, telecom equipment’s, computer, printer and peripherals, computer software, other misc items, fire fighting equipment, safety & security items, amc of fire safety equipment, bearings - ball, roller, needle etc, belts of all types, valves & gaskets, pneumatic cylinders, connectors, pipes etc, pressure gauges & regulators. filters - air & oil, lubricant oils, rubber rolls, gears, pins - straight & taper, shaft, springs, washers, nuts, bolts, screws, hack saw blade (12” & 18”), emery paper, drill bits, pulleys, indl. adhesive, hydraulic oil, gear oil, castor oil, hardware, paints & plumbing items etc, maintenance of mechanical itemsm, endless friction belt, grease sevogem, hammer ball, m. s. container, manufacturing of spare parts of various, machineries, other misc. items., general safety, fire safety, electrical safety, protective clothing, safety shoes, ear plugs, nose marks, hand gloves, other misc items., toiletries & sanitary items, towel, uniform cloth, banian bits, cotton waste, pocket less underwear, hosiery, cloth & rags, shoes (safety & ordinary) & socks, general furniture, office furniture, industrial furniture, other furniture, water treatment chemicals, general chemicals and lab glassware, acid (hydrochloric, sulphuric), pickling & polishing compound, phenol, sodium silicate, sodium dichromate,, phosphoric acid, soda ash (light/ heavy), brushes, chalk pencil, chalk powder etc, cotton duster, cutleries and others, other misc items, tc (tungsten carbide) dies & punches, inserts (polycarbonate etc.), tc & d2 collars, ms drums, civil works.
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value N.A.
Location West Bengal - India Ref.No 33110068
Closing Date 19 - Mar - 2019  |  57 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Fan Guard for Transformer Oil Cooler Radiator ~ for Emu/memu to Kpadrg. No. Er/kpa/el- Ax/3he/1492c - Type -a, Item Nos. 1,3 & 4.
Sector Railway Ancillaries Tender Value N.A.
Location Uttaranchal - India Ref.No 33058873
Closing Date 06 - Mar - 2019  |  44 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Components of General Arrgt. of Floor Ventilation Ducting Cat ~ .
Sector Railway Ancillaries Tender Value N.A.
Location Madhya Pradesh - India Ref.No 32959863
Closing Date 04 - Mar - 2019  |  42 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Fuel Line Set ~ . #*. Supply of Fuel Filter Assembly ~ . #*. Supply of Cooling Fan ~ . #*. Supply of Engine Gasket Set ~ . #*. Supply of Field Rewinding ~ . #*. Supply of Armature Rewinding ~ . #*. Supply of Bearing ~ . #*. Supply of Carbon Brush ~ . #*. Supply of Overhaul Charges and Load Trial ~ . #*. Supply of Piston ~ . #*. Supply of Barrel ~ . #*. Supply of Piston Ring Set ~ . #*. Supply of C.r. Bearing ~ . #*. Supply of Valve Guide Insert Collect Set ~ . #*. Supply of Fuel Line Set ~ . #*. Supply of Fuel Tank Cleaning ~ . #*. Supply of Injector & Fuel Pump Calibration/repair ~ #*. Supply of Repairing Testing Charges. ~
Sector Railways Transport Services Tender Value Rs. 91.23 Million approx. / 9.12 Crore approx.
Location West Bengal - India Ref.No 33181373
Closing Date 27 - Feb - 2019  |  37 Days to go View Tender Details
Execution of Works for Preparation of Conceptual Designs, Tender Drawing, Architecture Drawing, Carrying Out Detailed Structural Designs, Preparation of Construction Drawing & Preparation of Specification of Items & Schedule of Quantities with Rates Etc. for Underground Construction of Double Line/multiple Line and Station Building By Cut and Cover Method Including Topographical Survey, Confirmatory Soil- Engineering Exploration Beyond Bimanbandar Yard to New Barrackpore (ch. 7750m to 10900m) and Design for Tunnel Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Smoke Extraction System ~ Etc. for Underground Tunnel, Stations, Station Yard Etc. From Ch 5219m to 10900m Including Approx. 600m of New Garia-airport Connecting Route, in Connection with Extension of Metro Railway From Noapara to Barasat Via Bimanbandar (airport).
Sector Security Services Tender Value N.A.
Location Delhi - India Ref.No 33217640
Closing Date 27 - Feb - 2019  |  37 Days to go View Tender Details
Supply of Spares for Arrester Barrier - Pressure Ring, Pressure Roller Assy, Guide, Relay, Sealing Ring, Bolt, Bolt, Flow Check Valve, Self Aligning Ball Bushing, Wire Rope 60ft, Buffer, Shock Pad, Dehydrator Bag, Wear Plate, Washer Special, Screw Cap, Split Pin, Screw, Bolt, Fuse, Screw Ch Hd, Sealing Ring, Bungee Assy, Washer, Flat, Cottor Pin, Clamp, Insert, Cock Assy Complete Components, Shock Absorber, Cable Set N14-2, Winch Cable, O/h Kit Gear Reducer, Sleeve, Fan Belt, Bolt, Turn Buckle Jaw to Eyw, Washer, O Ring, Quick Disconnect Plug, Elbow Street 90, Elbow Street90, Reducer Expander, Union Bulk Head 12 Wus, Tube Assy, Union Bulk Head, Packing 5lb Can, Hyd Stake Extractor, Turn Buckle, Screw, Aramature, Bearing 30*60*16, O Ring, Connector, Eye Bolt, Elbow Cad Plate, Gasket Magneto Side, Nut Self Locking, Seal Kit, Hyd Hose Assy, Lacing Anchor Cord (rope Nylon 50dan), Synchronising Kit, Packing Preformed, Connector, Fluid Coupling, Flow Control Valve, Hyd Hose Assy, Straight Fitting in Fuel, Adopter, Breaker Point, Weldment Guy Anchor, Seal Kit of Hpu, 'o' Ring, Hydraulic Braker, Relay, Gauge Assy, Tape Clamp, Bearing Block Assy, Relif Valve Assy, Plated Ring, Lube Fitting, Guy Wire Assy, Hydraulic Cylinder, Tape Connector, Block Terminal, Block Terminal, Switch Toggle, Tow Bar Assy, Tube Hyd, Tube Hyd, Tube Hyd, Tube Hyd, Tube Hyd, Screw Flat, Screw Flat Point, Tube Hydraulic, Chain Assy, Socket Extention 9/16, Grease Seal, Lamp Neon Seal Package, Hydraulic Cylinder, Fuel Filter in Line, Wire Rope, Cam Drive Chain, Deck Sheave Assy, Float, Valve Exhaust, Oil Filter and Breather Cap, Diaphragam, Hydraulic Cylinder, Carburator Assy, Oil Pump Lock Screw, Nut Fly Wheel F1/4-12, Wasehr, Washer Lock, Thrust Plunger, Key Woodruff, Spring, Oil Filter Screen, Gland Seal Kit, Fuel Line Pump to Carburator, Oil Filter Catridge, Cartridge, Screw 3/4 Long, Startor Assy, Spacer Front, Spacer Rear, Winch Drum Assy, Shock Absorber Assy (su-30 Ab), Cable, Retainer Pin, Seal O Ring, Turn Buckle (for Su-30 Ab), Stanchion Motor for Su-30 A/b, Extn Cable for Sten, Plate, Coil Magnetic, Stop Cable, Wear Plate, Shock Absorber, Contactor, Hair Pin Cotter, Tank Filter, Belt Zr 5v 750, Socket Relay 27e121, Brake Living, Sleeve Spacer, Retriving Belt, Shim, Spacer, Elevator Disc, Wear Plate, Nut Hex Head, Lock Nut, Bolt 1" X 5, Screw, Terminal, Tensioner (for Su-30 Ab), Bolt, Turn Buckle Jaw to Jaw, Push Button, a C Relay, Bearing, Bolt, Cork Oil Seal, O Ring, Nut Self Locking, Hose High Pressure 30' Long, Ignition Cable, Plate Large, Plate Small, Safety Switch Lockable 6a 220v, Shock Absorber Assy, Relay Socket (48 Vc), Selector Switch (kc Type), Control Relay Aoxiliary Contactor, Contacor Cm -150, Relay 48v Dc Socket Type, Relay Socket 48vdc, Relay Socket Type/wbase Socket 48v Dc 11 Pins 22248, Control Relay with Off Delay Timer La3-d22, Cordage Nylon, Brake Drum Complete, Cable Drum, Distance Washer, Bolt and Two Nut, Solonoid Valve, Tape Clamp, Hydrulic Pump, Hydraulic Cylinder, Gasoline Rewind System (wisconsin Eng) 37 Hp Mod Vg4d, Overhaul Kit, Reducer Pipe Thread, Screw 5/8 Long, Drum Roller, Cable Assy Aft Spot Light, Cable Assy Solenoid Pwd, Cable Assy Limit Switch, Cable Assy Limit Switch Up, Cable Assy Inter Connect, Cable Assy Inter Connect, Cable Assy Hydraulic Power, Cable Assy Solenoid Aft, Tie Wrap Black Ty 527mx, Hose Assy, Hose Assembly, Needle Valve, Elevator Disc, Washer Lock, Fuel Pipe with Filter, Chain 4 Feet, Chain 8 Feet, Washer, Lock Washer, Lead Wire Assy (red 33"), Lead Wire Assy (blue 38"), Mtg Seal Popet Valve, Bolt, Nut Self Locking, Nut Self Locking, Synchronising Kit, Packing Preformed, Screw Fit Soc, Flow Control Valve, Hyd Hose Assy, Screw Cap Hex Head, Breaker Point, Weldment Guy Anchor, 'o' Ring, Hydraulic Braker, Relay, Shuttle Valve Assy/500s, Plated Ring, Surge Actuator, Hose Assembly, Bumper Pad, Tape Connector, Fuel Filter in Line, Cam Drive Chain, Valve Exhaust, Diaphragam, Carburator Assy, Air Charging Valve, Oil Pump Lock Screw, Thrust Plunger, Spring, Oil Filter Screen, Wire, Spacer Front, Spacer Rear, Top Fitting Assy, Turn Buckle (for Su-30 Ab), Stanchion Motor for Su-30 A/b, Extn Cable for Sten, Shock Absorber, Rectifier Assy, Shim Tunnel Flange, Shim Front Sheave, Shim Front Sheave, Relay 12 Vdc,15 a, 2 Pdt, Reducer Expander, Union Bulk Head, Union Bulk Head, Hose Assy 3/8 Idx25" Lg, Directional Valve 3w 2p, Tube Assy, Gasket, Wear Plate, Lock Nut, Screw, Tensioner (for Su-30 Ab), Washer Lock, Bolt, a C Relay, Flat Washer, Elbow 90 Degree Bulk, Hose High Pressure 30' Long, Split Pin, Relay Socket (48 Vc), Brake Drum Complete, Washer, Distance Washer, Bolt and Two Nut, Fan Inlet, Wire Marker, Tape Pin, Elbow, 90° Male (1/4 Npt-0.25 Tube), Nipple, Pipe, Reducer, Pipe Thread, Rear Pump Coupling, Coupling Spider, Accumulator Charging Kit, M 8 Shake Proof Washer, Speed Reducer, Blades, Extra Heavy Duty, Hose, Bolt, Hex Hd (0.625-11 Unc X 11.5 Lg) (ap), Pump Drive Chain, Fitting Lub
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